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One of my more popular posts discusses the ability to extract Citrix Online Plugin 13 from Citrix Receiver 3.2.  Whilst doing some testing with Receiver 3.3 it was apparent that Citrix have included Citrix Online Plugin 14 with 3.3 onwards.

Support Information from Receiver 3.3
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Diagnostic version="1.0">
  <Receiver version="">
      <Name>Self-service Plug-in</Name>
      <Name>Online Plug-in</Name>
      <Name>Online Plug-in</Name>
    <Errors />

Remember, PNA has been removed from the standard Receiver download, you need to get a different version first.  This is discussed in a different blogpost which is below.

Once you have downloaded the correct Receiver executable you can just install the Online Plugin as before.

or if you just want the code, here it is

CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe ADDLOCAL="ICA_Client,SSON,USB,DesktopViewer,Flash,PN_Agent,Vd3d" ENABLE_SSON="Yes"

I have sinced realised that Online Plugin 14 actually comes as part of Project Excalibur.  This is the project to fuse XenApp and XenDesktop together.  I can't see any notable differences but it is fair to say I haven't tested it thoroughly.




  1. Sam - Have you had any experience with the FavorLocalApps reg key with online plugin 13 or 14.

    Having moved from 12.2 due to a media playback issue with MS PowerPoint and embedded video I now am looking at running Office 2013 on local machines while keeping 2010 active in Citrix for thin clients and want the local office clients to use local file association instead of redirect however keeping the redirect for the thinies.

    1. Hey Andy

      this is not a setting which I have used myself. Which thin clients do you have? Do they have windows OS? if not do they need content redirection?


  2. Sorry for the delay, manic week!
    HP Thins running WES7.
    Short story - School environment, Office is great in XenApp especially with WI for home use where kids don't have it at home however in school its very disjointed with other applications they use, Smart board, Lync etc...
    Majority of machines, 80% can run office locally so wanting to install back on client for application integration however there are 20% thin clients that must have content redirection.
    All machines will need PNA client because of other applications being hosted leaving a local client install crossover with published office and content redirection issue.


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