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Power Automate Licence Update

You may or may not have seen a message centre post or other Microsoft learn articles recently regarding updates to Power Automate licences. Essentially, Microsoft seem to be cracking down on flows which are not associated with a properly licenced user with premium connectors, or is not directly linked to a Power App. MS will be turning off flows which are not licenced properly on the 24th October. Background Power Apps Premium (aka Per User) licences provide the usage rights for flows that associated with the built app. This means you do not need to buy a Power Automate Premium licence for every user too. If you have flows which are triggered independently of an app (and use premium connectors), the users will need a Power Automate Premium licence, or you need to buy a Power Automate Per Flow/Per Process licence. Problem There never was a way to directly associate a flow with an app and if you use ALM, flows in non dev environments are likely owned by service principals. Resolution You