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Optimising Battery

Hi Whilst preparing my media for a long haul flight I have coming up recently, I wanted to make sure I got every last drop of energy out of my laptop battery before it ran out. What I wanted to do was have a script which closed all applications which are not required to run. All I want is to be able to watch VLC, but I have a number of programs which are running in the background on startup e.g. Dropbox. Obviously this is no use to me on a plane so why leave it running and have it wasting CPU resource? I first of all found this useful article at Lifehacker for quitting all applications The second thing I wanted this script to do was to change the power management profile to my super battery saving mode. Windows 7 gives you loads of options to tweak this how you see fit. I used the powercfg command to set the profile. More details on this can be found here


Hi Check out my latest addition to the Citrix KB site This technote discusses problems related to window positioning on reconnect to XenDesktop 4 VDAs. Sam Google +

Create XenDesktop 4 administrator through MFCOM

Hello there XenApp 6 removes MFCOM and replaces it with a full set of powershell SDKs which make scripting tasks far easier to complete. I was asked to create a script to add a Citrix Administrator for a XenDesktop 4. This was actually easier than I had initially thought. The complexity with this task revolves around the granularity that Citrix administrators have with XenApp. Fortunately there are only a couple of options to configure for XenDesktop. The below powershell script adds the user administrator from the domain SAMO2 to be a full administrator. To change this to a Delegated administrator change AdminType to 2. $mfFarm = New-object -com "MetaframeCOM.MetaFrameFarm" $mfFarm.Initialize(1) $newadmin=$mfFarm.addadmin() $newadmin.AccountName = "Administrator" $newadmin.AccountType = 2 $newadmin.AAName = "SAMO2" $newadmin.AAType = 3 $newadmin.Enable = 1 $newadmin.AdminType = 3 $newadmin = $newadmin $newadmin.savedata() Cheers Sam Google +