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Virgin Tivo network error (C138)

Hi Today I replaced my V+ box at home to a new shiny Virgin Media Tivo STB.  The user interface and controls will take some getting used to, but there are many new features which I am looking to get my teeth stuck into. One of them is the Virgin TV Anywhere App.  Having the ability to remotely stream and control my Tivo box is really interesting. When trying to use the App it asked me to ensure the STB was connected to the home network.  I dug around for a spare CAT5 cable (everything is wireless these days right?) and plugged it in. Still no joy.... OK so I go to the Tivo settings menu and selected Network and set it to use DHCP.  The result was the following there is a problem with your network settings, the specified IP address is outside the range of allowed IP addresses (C138) What?  My home network is in the range.  That is definitely private.  I tried a static IP address, but the same message was displayed. I looked online and found the Tivo help...

XenDesktop Express Licence removed from XenDesktop 7.x

I am in the process of testing out XenDesktop 7.1 for a proof of concept project regarding delivering rich multimedia to a thin client desktop. I remembered that Citrix provided a cut down version of XenDesktop called "Express Edition" which allowed people to use the core of the product for up to 10 connections. This was great for lab environments, or people studying for exams. Whilst trying to apply a XenDesktop Express Edition licence to XenDesktop 7.1 I found it didn't work. I looked at the SA dates of the licence you download from and it appears to be 2012.0217 which is quite old. According the console the SA date required for licences needs to be 2013.0522. This is confusing, because the Licence console within Citrix Studio is telling me to go to What? Anyway, I posted a question on Citrix Discussions and it looks like Citrix have removed the Express Edition from XenDesktop 7.1.  It i