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My first Uber

There has been a lot in the news recently about the new taxi offering in London called Uber.  The concept is that Uber have a community of vetted drivers who are hailed using a smartphone app.  The app is used as a meter to calculate the charge of the journey.  This unique offering is a slight loophole between 1. Having a physical office taking bookings aka Minicabs 2.  Having a physical meter in the car rather than a prebooked far aka Black Cabs. Personally I loved the sound of the idea and was keen to try it out. So how did it go? I was in Shoreditch on Saturday night and instead of struggling for the last train back we decided to use Uber for the 9 mile journey. The Good Booking was extremely simple!  Click and done.  The driver arrived in about 3 minutes.  His car was immaculate and very comfortable.  The journey was super smooth and not having to have money on my person was much better than having the struggle under the interior car light looking for those pound coins