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Citrix Online Plugin 14

Hi All One of my more popular posts discusses the ability to extract Citrix Online Plugin 13 from Citrix Receiver 3.2.  Whilst doing some testing with Receiver 3.3 it was apparent that Citrix have included Citrix Online Plugin 14 with 3.3 onwards. Support Information from Receiver 3.3 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Diagnostic version="1.0">   <Receiver version="">     <Plugin>       <Name>Self-service Plug-in</Name>       <ID>{6245E940-DA64-4D98-ACBB-56CEEE42E684}</ID>       <Version></Version>     </Plugin>     <Plugin>       <Name>Online Plug-in</Name>       <ID>{8C92B884-C818-45D0-A757-7123B78AA247}</ID>       <Version></Version>     </Plugin>     <Plugin>       <Name>Online Plug-in</Name>       <ID>{A9852000-047D-11DD-95FF-0800200C9A66}</ID>

IE9 hang......with no window?

Hi there Recently we have had an issue with our published XenApp 6 desktop platform not performing very well.  We looked into the normal metrics and we saw the CPU usage on particular servers could be high. Initially we checked the process list and saw that iexplore.exe for one user would usually be the hungry process, taking lots of CPU.  This was originally associated with someone browsing to a site they shouldn't have.  The DFSS service which is on by default for Windows 2008 R2 RDS servers stopped this being a tragedy as other processes recevied CPU time when required, but there is only so far DFSS can go. Some information on DFSS On further inspection (actually calling the user to understand their experience) it was clear that no process window was open at all and that the iexplore.exe process had simply hung.  Ending the process had no effect on the user whatso