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Logging ICA Client

Have you ever needed to look at the contents of an ICA file Web Interface 4.6 or earlier will allow you choose "save target as" and save launch.ica which is great. Unfortunately with the later versions of Web Inteface it is not that easy. There are ways around it though 1. Go to Manage add ons in Internet Explorer and disable the Citrix helper add on, this will allow you choose "save target as". 2. Use a different browser, Safari, FireFox and Chrome will allow you to save the ICA files 3. Turn logging on Go to RegEdit open the following key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\Logging The entries will be false as default but change these to True, especially logICAFile and this will copy contents of each ICA file into this log.txt file. This works very well when using PNagent LogConfigurationAccess=true LogConnectionAuthorisation=true LogEvidence=true LogFile=c:\icalog.txt LogICAFile=true LogStartup=true Hope that helps. Sam Goog

Vmware vs Citrix XenServer

Hi Here is a really interesting debate between Citrix and VMware regarding hypervisors. It is quite interesting to see the differences between the products. Sam Google +