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Password Security

    Password security Over the last couple of years there have been quite a few instances of sophisticated hacking attempts on major companies. These include (but not limited to) Playstation Gawker LinkedIn Adobe When these events occur, it can raise any questions, such as How does this kind of thing happen?   What can people do with this information?   What can you do to protect yourself? Let’s try and answer these questions! How does this kind of thing happen? There are lots of different ways hackers use to access information they are not supposed to have access to.   The majority of these hacks are a result of Malware or a Virus being installed on a PC in the companies’ network.   This can be used to get access to company resources from the inside rather than directly from the Internet.    If the Malware can send information back its author, then this can be very successful for a hacker.   To get Malware onto a company PC it is usually attached via ema