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Win32 Apps Don't Deploy When User Enrollment Status Page Doesn't Complete

Autopilot Configuration Summary Hybrid Autopilot User Driven VPN Deployed (user SAML connection at Win10 login screen) The Issue I recently came across an issue where applicable Win32 apps were not being deployed after an Autopilot build was completed. The 3 apps I set as required in the ESP profile were deployed correctly during the Device ESP stage but no further applications were deployed once the user had reached the desktop. Rebooting several times, trying multiple syncs and waiting several hours made no difference. MS Store apps were being deployed to the devices fine, and Win32 application available for installs initiated from the Company Portal were deployed correctly. In the Intune/MEM portal, the in scope applications would shows as 'Waiting for install status'.  That message could be for a multiple of reasons. The MEM portal isn't immediately up to date, so it's not the best reference to real-time behaviour.  I had the necessary parts in place to make the HAA