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Exchange 2010 Migration Script

Hi! I have been off the radar recently, knee deep in an Exchange 2007 to 2010 upgrade project.  It is something I have worked with a huge amount in the past, but I have really enjoyed getting to know how Exchange works and designing a cool system for my employers. Exchange 2010 is such a great step forward.  We have moved all of the storage off the SAN and gone for 3 mail servers with DAS and JBOD.  So far it is working pretty well. Anywho, we needed to migrate around 2000 mailboxes from 2007 to 2010.  In our old 2007 environment storage groups were created based on a users first intial of their first name e.g.  Storage Group S would hold me Sam Owens.  This was fine, but clearly there are lots of people whose name who begin with J and S.  You guessed it, the storage groups were massively diverse and difficult to keep on top of. Also naming the storage groups in this way leads you to make assumptions.  I saw a number of users who were created and stored in the wrong group.  If