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Football Pontoon Azure Architecture

As you may have seen from my recent posts on LinkedIn, I have been creating a new website called FootballPontoon.  It is a game you can play with your friends or work colleagues where each player picks a unique team from the Football League, pays a weekly ante and the first team to get to 21 wins the cash.  At that point, you all go back to zero and the next round starts. It is a good game to play and can even attract people who are not into Football as it is pretty much set and forget.  It was a game my wife's work played and I was always interested in her teams performance.  After hearing that it was managed manually (yep, someone has to manually enter scores for each team into spreadsheet each week!), I thought that it could be done better. So I created something pretty good which used Google Sheets to auto download results, calculate scores and then used Google Scripts to send out weekly updates and check for winners. Look at that formula! This worked really well and