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Say Goodbye to Expensive Roaming Charges: How to use a cheap eSIM for mobile data while traveling abroad

Introduction In preparation for going away on holiday, I was thinking about the cheapest way to access mobile data whilst abroad. Before you read on about eSIM's, no doubt you'll want to know whether this is worth your time. So, consider a holiday to Spain. With O2, you will typically be charged £6 a day for roaming charges – for a 1 or 2 week holiday, this will cost you between £42 to £82. Factor in several family members with their phones and it can be quite costly. Comparatively, you can buy an eSIM with various data allowance and duration, such as: £3.60 providing 1GB for 7 days £5.20 providing 2GB for 15 days £9.10 providing 5GB for 30 days £20 providing 20GB for 30 days Background Previously I've used a few different options: Enable roaming on your physical SIM and take the daily charge or fixed rate - whilst this is convenient, it can be expensive, especially for a long trip - for example, the charge from mobile operator O2 can be around £6 to £8 a day. Okay for a w

Escape Room in Power Apps

I like escape rooms and recently I have been listening to Escape this podcast , a podcast that mixes escape room puzzles and table top role play.  This inspired me to mix this with technology in some way and I thought, "why not create an escape room in Power Apps?". So I did! This is "Escape this server room".  An escape room in which you need to exit a server room you have been locked into.  You get 30 minutes to get out before needing to hit that emergency exit button which turns off all of the servers, switches and routers. Can you escape? Game view To play, download the package, go to and click import canvas app.  Select the package, click Import and once imported, click Play! Download App Enjoy!