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Forcing the regional settings via Group Policy using custom templates

Forcing the settings via Group Policy using custom templates --------------------- You may want to read up on Group Policy if you're not familiar with it first. Download and a regional setting .adm file (settings below) into C:\WINDOWS\INF on the domain controller. From Active Directory Users and Computers create a new container and place the users to wish to be affected into that container. Create a new group policy, attach it to the container and edit the settings. Note: This is a user configured policy and not a computer policy and will affect all users that are listed in the container that you attach it too. Click on Administrative Templates underneath User Configuration and select Add/Remove Templates . Browse for the File->Open , and select C:\WINDOWS\INF\RegionalSettings.adm . Close the Add/Remove Templates window. From the group policy window select View->Filtering and untick Only show configured policy settings and Only show policy setti

Synching Time with Specific Server

Put the below into a .vbs files which will set client to sync time with specified server... dim wshShell set wshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") wshShell.Run "net time \\SERVERNAME /set /yes", true

Sybase - Restoring Master Dump Process

Restoring a master dump file into a blank Sybase set-up. Install Sybase. Stop services. Rename your current D:\Sybase\Data\master.dat to .old. Change to D:\Sybase\ASE-12_5\bin in CMD Create an empty master db by typing sqlsrvr -d d:\Sybase\Data\master.dat -z 2k -b 40960 this will create a master device which is 80MB in size. Then make a copy RUN_SQLBOX.bat and called it something like MasterRecover.bat . Run it . This will leave a batch file version of the Sybase service running. Don't close it. Load up another CMD window and connect using isql. The SA password will be blank at this point. You need to set the master DB to use more of the master device in order to load the dump. Type alter database master on default "60M" go You then need to change the Sybase backup server name. Type: update sysservers set srvnetname = "SQLBOX_BS" (or whatever the backup servname should be) where srvname ="SYB_BACKUP" go Start the Sybase

Adding Windows 2008 DC's to Existing Domain

Adding Windows 2008 Domain Controllers ---------------------------------------------------------------- · You will need the Windows 2008 CD. · In order to Add 2008 DC’s, the domain functional level needs to be at least Windows 2000 native. · Check the forest/domain level. If you’re domain is not the root domain in the forest, you may not have sufficient rights to update the forest schema. · You will need to create or use an existing user account which is a member of the following security groups. Enterprise Admins Schema Admins Domain Admins for the domain that contains the schema master. · Log onto the Schema Master DC as a user with the rights specified above. To check the Schema Master role you’ll need to load a DLL by running regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll from command prompt to enable the Schema snap-in. You can then go to Start-Run-> Type MMC ; select File-Add/Remove Snap In and select Active Directory Sc