Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Memory error when trying to print pictures

As mentioned in my previous blogs, I am building a XenApp 6 environment for my organisations to replace the current PS4 farm. I am fixing all of the little niggles at the moment and I came across a really annoying issue.

Windows 2008 R2 Standard
VMware vSphere 4.1
6GB Ram
XenApp 6.0

When right clicking an image and selecting Print from the context menu, a number of error messages appearing saying
Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred:
There isn't enough available memory to print your pictures. Close some open programs, and then try again.
Now, troubleshooting was a little difficult but this is the approach I took
Memory - 6GB for 2 users...no issues showing in task manager etc.
Permissions - occurs for all users, even local administrators
Applications - uninstalled all other applications from server, problem still occurred
Process Monitor - Took a log during a repro but couldn't see any obvious faults occuring.
Print Drivers - removed all print drivers, problem still occurs
Searched Internet - nothing other than idiots stating that you need more RAM..........if only it were that simple!!!


Now at this point I was a little stumped, and I remebered the system file checker utility.

I wondered if a system file or registry key had become corrupt so a scan would not do any harm
open command prompt and type (make sure you run as administrator)

sfc /scannow

reboot and try printing the image again, the fault does not occur.

I hope this saves you a few minutes, it would of done in my situation!!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

XenApp 6 duplicate server name error

I am currently designing and building a XenApp 6 farm upgrade for my organisation. They are moving from Citrix Presentation Server 4 to XenApp 6 in the new year.

Whilst designing the administration console for support staff I came across the following issue.


When specifying more than one server in the discovery list for custom administrators and error message appears with the following text.

"another discovered farm has the same name as the farm to which this server belongs. Connecting to different farms with the same name is not supported"

Now, these servers are both in the same farm, but for some reason using a custom administrator it does not work.



After looking through the custom permissions provided to these administrators I found that adding the following permission fixed the problem.

"View Server Information"

Make sure when applying this setting you click the button "copy to subfolders"

Once this has permission has been granted, subsequent discovery attempts will work correctly without errors.