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Windows Security Update (KB2753842) Causes OTF Fonts To Disappear

Hello, I recently came across an issue where clients where experiencing missing fonts when viewing a PowerPoint project in presentation .  They could view the fonts correctly in editing mode no problem at all but when they went to presentation mode, they just disappeared. This problem doesn't happen when you're using TrueType Fonts at all, just OpenType Fonts and if you were to drop the font size down to 12 or below, the OTF fonts show correctly in presentation mode. The CAUSE is a Windows Security Update which addressed some security holes with OTF files.  There a quite a few WSUS servers which are set to install Security Updates by default, so I recommend you decline this update asap but only for client platforms as it's not likely you'll be using a client side app on a server. The RESOLUTION.  Well to remove the update in Add/Remove but in order to remove the update in a silent manor different commands are required for XP and Windows Vista/7 workstations.  I

Cubby - Storage sync

Hi I had a problem...........I use dropbox, I have about 6GB space after referrals etc.  I love the product, the fact it is multi platform and integrates so tightly.  The problem is space. Ok 6GB for free is great!  But my photos folder is 35GB and my music is around 32GB.  Sure I could cut these down in either quality or quantity, but I do not want to do that. I have an Asus Laptop, a Shuttle server and a Mac Mini (as media center) at home and keeping files in sync between each other would be good with Dropbox, but I don't want to spend lots of money for something that is an elaborate version of robocopy. Enter Cubby.  It is a tool currently in beta from LogMeIn.  The idea is pretty much identical to Dropbox but for a killer feature called DirectSync. This allows online computers to directly sync with one another, rather than going via the cloud.  Perfect for my scenario and I would imagine lots of other people.  As you can see in the screenshot below, you create folders

Wyse ThinsOS 7.1 resolutions

Hi there! My company uses a large set of Wyse ThinOS terminals all the way from the old 1200LE to the new T10. The T10 is a cracking piece of kit, dual monitor in a tiny form factor which can also handle Citrix HDX and boot in is pretty neat. For this reason we have been keen to replace some of the old 1200LEs and S10 devices with the T10.  Intially this was held up due to the session reliability issue I blogged about a while ago This was fixed with hotfix 130 (7.1_130). The latest problem we had was with custom resolutions.  We use a WNOS.ini file to configure the terminals with a fairly basic configuration.  This will tell the terminals to use the DDC to determine the best resolution of which the monitor and device can handle. We then use a username.ini file when the user logs in, this will start the appropriate Citrix session for them.  This will also launch at the best resolution f