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Pre-Approve ActiveSync devices

Hi Recently we have enabled ActiveSync quaratine rules in our organisation.  This was to stop a member of staff using their own device to access corporate data. We have only enabled AS for users with corporate devices, but some people have worked out that this allows you to use AS on your own device.  This is far from ideal, especially considering that our IT department now have full wipe access on their personal device!  Enabling this quaratine rule will stop people from taking advantage of this setting, unless someone from IT approves their device. On the whole this works pretty well.  The difficulty is that it slows down the process of provisioning multiple devices, especially when you are attempting to complete workshops with users during a handover period. I found a way to pre-approve devices using powershell.  First of all you need to find the deviceID.  On an Apple device you go to Settings > About > Serial Number.  The deviceID is appl serialnumber The difficu

InfoSecurity Europe 2014

InfoSecurity Europe 2014 was held this week in London.  This 3 day event was designed for security professionals to network and for companies to display their security wares. Unfortunately the first 2 days were marred by a tube strike in London.  I believe this put many people off visiting Earl's Court for the event until the last day, it certainly did for me! So what did I see? Eric Cole I watched a keynote seminar inducting Dr Eric Cole into the InfoSecurity Europe hall of fame.  He had some wonderful insight into security issues of the day and what areas security professionals should focus on.  He discussed the switch of security from inbound threats to outbound threats.  Many attacks require an outbound connection to allow data to be sent externally and this is an area to focus monitoring on.  Among many things he shared with the audience he issued the Eric Cole challenge. Get a usage report of outbound internet connectivity by host IP. Check the top 10 lar