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Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD Join with Customised First Login Status

Introduction This is my flavour of deploying a customised HAADJ progress status, building on work by Joymalya Basu Roy's detailed article - . The differences in my version are: Not using Active Setup to run the HAADJ retry process or Splash Screen as I found this didn't work as expected and I didn't want to add a registry item to affect all future logins with a reboot from the HAADJ process. Running the processes under the context of the SYSTEM account, but displaying status to the interactive user. Avoid the HAADJ process running again after the initial success. This provides a customised first login status which prevents the user from using the devices until Hybrid Azure AD Join from the Autopilot process. It's use is primarily for when the User ESP is configured to be skipped. Files This is my version of customised HAADJ which is built on work and guidance in blogs/articles from Michael Niehaus, S