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Preparation for Azure lab

Recently I have been completing some test work with Azure, Azure AD and ADFS.  In the next week or two I will be doing some work with the Enterprise Mobility Suite (Intune for MDM, Azure AD Premium and Azure Rights Management). Hopefully I will be able to blog some random information from my experiences, but this post is to identify potential speed bumps before you attempt to use Azure, Azure AD and ADFS. Money/MSDN Using Azure virtual machines and storage costs money.  When you sign up you must provide valid credit card information.  You are given a £125 trial for a month, but after that it will cost you.  You can configure spend limits which will stop surprise bills being racked up each month. If you have a Visual Studio or MSDN subscription you actually get free credits.  I have a Visual Studio Ultimate Subscription through my work so I get £95 a month to spend in Azure (which is plenty for labs). MSDN Credits Make sure you turn off your Cloud Instance when you are no

Citrix User Group - London - 2015

The event was held at the Novotel on Blackfriars Road in London. Unbeknown to me it was the 13th session in the UK (my first).   The announcement of the Citrix User Group Community at Synergy made me more aware of these events. So how was the day? Well it was bloody good fun, unusual for these types of events. Lots of jokes, a few swears but crucially some really interesting technical information. -------------------- News & Synergy Update Neil Spellings Firstly Neil ran a news update session which covered the Eliot group shareholders analysis of Citrix's business strategy. Forbes article He also covered some high level Citrix news including Xenserver 6.5 sp1 release, acquisition of telephony provider Grasshopper and resurrection of the domain which Citrix purchased some years ago for Citrix Workspace Cloud. He also showed that Citrix and Xenmobile specifically is in top quadrant for EMM. Neil followed up with a whistle stop tour of Synergy highli

Add File Extensons via Powershell

We are using an extraction tool to export data from one of our business applications in preparation to switching to our ERP solution. Unfortunately this tool doesn't add the file extensions to the exported files! So I needed to create a powershell script to do the job for us. As with most things there is no point reinventing the wheel.  I did a google search and found this useful blog post. The script was pretty much there, but I needed to tweak it slightly.  I added a line which asks the user which file extension they want to use.  I also changed it so that it would only change files which currently have no file extensions configured. What users are presented with The result is as follows $extractedfiles = Get-ChildItem | Where-Object {$_.Extension -eq ""} $fileext = read-host "what file extension?" ForEach ($file in $extractedfiles) { $filenew = $file.