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Citrix eDOCS

Hello I was looking around for some information regarding securing SQL datastore for XenApp. I came across this article. Important: For improved security, you can change the user account’s permission to db_reader and db_writer after the initial installation of the database with db_owner permission. Changing the user account’s permission from db_owner may cause problems installing future service packs or feature releases for XenApp. Be sure to change the account permission back to db_owner before installing a service pack or feature release for XenApp. Also for other information check out the main page. There are lots of really useful snippets of information here which search engines do not always pick up. Sam

SQL Failover for XenApp DataStore

Hi! I needed to create a Microsoft Cluster with SQL failover for a problem I am troubleshooting. I have nothing setup other than my XenServers. First Step, build 2 Windows 2003 SP2 Enterprise Edition Servers Next I needed some shared storage. I have a VM with OpenFiler installed. This can be used to share storage over the network in different methods including iSCSI, NFS, SMB etc etc. A good guide for this can be found here This guide is for creating a volume for use with vmware esx but it is still relevant for creating a share for my situation. Next step was to make sure I could access the iSCSI Target from my servers. To do this I needed to install the iSCSI initiator which can be found here. Once installed run the shortcut on your desktop and you have the option to connect to your iSCSI target. Sti

Windows 7 on XenServer

Hi I needed to do some testing on Windows 7 today so I downloaded the .iso from the Microsoft site and set to work on installing it in my XenServer 5 environment. When booting the VM it seem to stick at "starting windows" After doing some searching it appears you need to make the following change in the console of the XenServer host. xe vm-list find the uuid of the VM you are trying to install to xe vm-param-set=uuidofvm platform:viridian=false After a reboot it should start the install process. Sam Google +