Monday, October 22, 2012

Lync 2010 Mobility Autodiscover

Recently I have been configuring a Lync 2010 environment as a PoC for IM and presence for my company.

The PoC includes using IM and presence from the desktop and on mobile devices.  This requires an edge configuration and reverse proxy using TMG 2010.

I found the following blog post which is great for setting up mobility

Everything was configured included DNS names, certificates, software install etc.etc.

Once I had everything configured I found that if I tried to connect using my iPad device it would provide the following error message.

Can't connect to the server. It may be busy or temporarily unavailable. Please try again

I looked at the logging and found that the Lyncdiscover URL wasn't being redirected to the configuration file required to login.

Browsing to would simply produce a error 403 forbidden message.

I went to "more details" and turned auto config off and entered the following URL in the internal and external address (replace companyname with your relevant address!)

When visiting the above URL in Internet Explorer it will download a configuration file which contains the data required to login.

With this configured the logon worked.  This was fine, but I didn't want to provide a massive URL for configuration and wanted autoconfiguration working correctly.

My next stop was IIS URL rewrite rules on the server.  These are configured to redirect users with anything with lyncdiscover in the HTTP_HOST header to be redirected to the config file above.  I checked the rules and found they were all sound.  Also browsing on the localhost didn't redirect so I ruled out the TMG 2010 server being at fault.

Finally I went to add/remove programs and found the following entry.

Clicking repair on this resolved the issue for me.

When visiting I get the configuration file as if I were visiting

I hope this helps you!


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Moving folders in XenApp console

Recently one of my colleagues Chris ( tried to move a folder full of  XenApp 6.0 applications to a different location in the DSC (delivery services console) tree.  This seems like it should be pretty easy but actually it is not supported in the console.

When clicking and dragging a folder the cursor icon changes to inform you this is not possible.


Now moving the applications themselves works, but the not the folder containing them, sure you can move the applications one by one, but that will take a lot of time.

I had a quick look and found a XenApp powershell cmdlet for this.

Open powershell on a server where the XenApp SDK is installed (download from here

Add-pssnapin Citrix* (this will load the cmdlets)

Move-XAfolder sourcepath destinationpath

so if we wanted to move a folder called testing underneath a folder called testing you may use this line

Move-XAfolder testing applications

This also works for workergroups and servers although clearly you cannot move an application folder into the server section.

If you want more help type help Move-XAfolder -full in a powershell window.