Moving folders in XenApp console

Recently one of my colleagues Chris ( tried to move a folder full of  XenApp 6.0 applications to a different location in the DSC (delivery services console) tree.  This seems like it should be pretty easy but actually it is not supported in the console.

When clicking and dragging a folder the cursor icon changes to inform you this is not possible.


Now moving the applications themselves works, but the not the folder containing them, sure you can move the applications one by one, but that will take a lot of time.

I had a quick look and found a XenApp powershell cmdlet for this.

Open powershell on a server where the XenApp SDK is installed (download from here

Add-pssnapin Citrix* (this will load the cmdlets)

Move-XAfolder sourcepath destinationpath

so if we wanted to move a folder called testing underneath a folder called testing you may use this line

Move-XAfolder testing applications

This also works for workergroups and servers although clearly you cannot move an application folder into the server section.

If you want more help type help Move-XAfolder -full in a powershell window.



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