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De-selectable radio buttons - Power Apps

Introduction When creating a Canvas Power App you can choose from a large number of controls and specifically input controls designed to get information from the user. One of these controls is the humble radio button. This is a good control which provides possible options without requiring a user action. In comparison a dropdown would require the user to click to expand all of the possible options. Example radio button input One of problems with this control is the fact you cannot de-select it. Once an option has been chosen, you can change it but you cannot undo it. The post shows a way to make de-selecting possible in a Canvas Power App. One simple way to achieve this is to have a button or icon next to the radio button and its OnSelect property to be Reset(rdoButton). This is easy, but if there are many radio button controls, it could result in lots more controls on a screen or in an app. Power Apps recommends keeping under 500 for an app and 300 maximum per page. The followi