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PNA Removed from Citrix Receiver 3.3

Citrix are really trying to push StoreFront to their customers.  Since Citrix client 13 they have packaged the "plugin" into Citrix Receiver.  Receiver is the framework in which plugins (Online, Offline (streamed), SSO (password manager) etc.) were managed by.  As users frequently just installed the Online Plugin it was confusing that the client needed for other operating systems was called Receiver. Citrix decided to just go ahead and force users to use Receiver for Windows and make the Online Plugin a default addition thus making the naming consistent across the board. This was ok on the whole, but since version 3.3 they have made a prompt which asks users for the URL for Citrix Storefront.  This does not accept a PNA web address and can be throughly confusing to users who are using a standard Web Interface to launch their applications! The string provided in my earlier blog post still works to remove the receiver branding and popup, but it is not like end-users wil

Updated Presence Application

In my last post I created a small powershell script which allowed users to see who was online by using information from the Citrix XenApp data collector. I wanted to take this a little further to provide other information such as location etc. The following form is the result.  It has been designed to be used by our support team rather than staff in general. This shows the user status, the server which they are logged on to, their login time and their relative location. It also has a Remote Assist button, this will launch remote assistance and show user sessions for that particular server.  Previously our support team had to either ask users which server they were logged on to, or find them in the DSC.  By using the presence form, it will speed up this process and give them other useful information as well. The location is a tricky subject, to show this I had to add subnet IP addresses into the script. Below is a copy of the script with some information edited or remove