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View who has logged into Dynamics 365 - across many environments

A licencing requirement was raised at work this week where we needed to know who out of our Dynamics 365 CRM users were actually using the application.  These licences are really expensive and having many of them unused would cost the company lots of money over the year. We did think of looking at audit tables in CRM, but unfortunately this wasn't an option due to the fact we have many Dynamics 365 environments.  A single licence will allow you access (if you have permission) to access as many sandbox environments as you wish.  This would mean collating data from many environments into one dataset. We needed something more overarching. So I reviewed Azure AD to see if I could view signins for a particular application and low and behold I could see all logins to Dynamics CRM Online.  All we would is visit this page, add the filters and download a CSV file.  The resultant CSV file would then need filtering to remove duplicate users, because we don't care about when and how

Batch Printing Tool in PowerShell

As part of my company's recent ERP implementation of Dynamics 365, we found that there was no native solution for mass printing.  This is a crucial for our business as we send a lot of letters out to our customers.  We are trying to shift more towards digital, but there are some communications that have to be sent by post and many of our customers are either not online or prefer post. So, we had to think of how to achieve this.  We had three options Buy an Commercial off the shelf (COTS) product.  It might be limited, but would be supported and be easier to implement. Develop an application in house.  Could be costly and difficult to support but could match all requirements. Have our System Integrator develop an application.  As above, but a lot more expensive. I had the task of bringing these options to life for our Design Group to make a decision on. There were some constraints which made it more difficult e.g. our Printing and Enveloper wasn't able to distinguis