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Arcserve Exchange 2003 mailbox restore - Invalid destination path specified. please make a selection or enter a valid path for destination \\machine\dbaxchg2

I've come across a recent problem when trying to restore an Exchange 2003 mailbox at brick level to an Exchange 2010 environment using Arcserve.  The initial concern here is restoring from an old tape which was taken using an old version of Arcserve from an Exchange environment which no longer existed. In short, I couldn't restore to the Exchange 2010 server when trying to restore to an alternative location.  I was attempting to use Arcserve 16.5 to read the tape and restore the data to an Exchange 2010 server which has the Arcserve 16 agent installed. When I initially tested the restore, I ran a merge on the tape in Arcserve so I could see the available sessions.  To restore the mailbox I selected the source mailbox by drilling down to individual mailbox, I set the destination as the Exchange 2010 server and selected a subfolder of the Administrators mailbox also at brick level.  The message I received at the point of submitting the job was "Invalid destination p

Cannot remove Exchange 2007 active cluster (GxClusPlugIn)

Hi We are coming towards the end of our Exchange upgrade project.  The best part about these projects is removing old services and getting rid of old hardware or freeing space on the SAN array. Whilst trying to decommission our old Exchange 2007 CCR cluster, I received the following error message Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unattended Setup Preparing Exchange Setup The following server roles will be removed Clustered Mailbox Server Mailbox Role Management Tools Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite Check Clustered Mailbox Role Checks ......................... FAILED The clustered mailbox server removal cannot continue: The specified clustered mailbox server exists, but its resource group contains at least one non-Exchange cluster resource (GxClusPlugIn (mail) (Instance001)). Mailbox Role Checks ......................... COMPLETED The Exchange Server Setup operation did not complete. For more information, visit http://support.micr