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Citrix Mobility London 2014

Citrix Mobility 2014 At the start of the event there was a look back over the last 25 years of Citrix systems.   Lots of nostalgic images of previous versions of software including Client Access Suite.   It was an interesting introduction which reminded us all how far Citrix has come over the years. Jason Tooley, Country Manager for Citrix in the UK was the host for the event.   He didn’t cover too much himself, but acted as the glue between other presenters. Philip Redman, VP of Mobile Solutions & Strategy at Citrix, was the first main speaker on stage covering “enabling the mobile enterprise”.   His initial point was some things never change and included a quick dig at England’s poor performance at the World Cup in the summer, but then continued to say that the Enterprise Mobility spectrum is always changing.     Initially I wasn’t too impressed with the slide deck.   It seemed a bit slapdash with old icons for Twitter and the images had been crudely cut and pasted