Wyse ThinsOS 7.1 resolutions

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My company uses a large set of Wyse ThinOS terminals all the way from the old 1200LE to the new T10.

The T10 is a cracking piece of kit, dual monitor in a tiny form factor which can also handle Citrix HDX and boot in seconds....it is pretty neat.

For this reason we have been keen to replace some of the old 1200LEs and S10 devices with the T10.  Intially this was held up due to the session reliability issue I blogged about a while ago


This was fixed with hotfix 130 (7.1_130).

The latest problem we had was with custom resolutions.  We use a WNOS.ini file to configure the terminals with a fairly basic configuration.  This will tell the terminals to use the DDC to determine the best resolution of which the monitor and device can handle.

We then use a username.ini file when the user logs in, this will start the appropriate Citrix session for them.  This will also launch at the best resolution for them e.g. A user with poor sight could start a terminal which is using 1280x1024 resolution, when they logon the session size will then become 1024x768.

This works really well as the support team does not need to configure specific terminals and best of all the users settings follow them!

Now 7.1 of ThinOS firmware screwed this up with the introduction of the VDI toolbar zero launchpad.  When users tried to logon to these terminals the resolution would never follow the details in the username.ini file.

To troubleshoot I tried to make a new connection and you can see there is no option to specify a different resolution.

 You can see that only "Default" is specified

Now, if you change the interface to be in classic desktop by going to System Preferences > Remote Connections > Visual Experience.  This can be achieved in the ini file by entering command


When you press OK you will be prompted to restart the terminal.  At the point the OS will look similar to pre 7.1 ThinOS with the connect manager window appearing on the desktop.

Try to add a new connection and you will see a list of resolutions can now be specified!!

I suspect that VDI mode has been streamlined and changing resolution per connection is not by design.  It would be nice if Wyse had documented this "feature" or responded within the 2 months to the support call we had opened with them!!!



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