Create XenDesktop 4 administrator through MFCOM

Hello there

XenApp 6 removes MFCOM and replaces it with a full set of powershell SDKs which make scripting tasks far easier to complete.

I was asked to create a script to add a Citrix Administrator for a XenDesktop 4. This was actually easier than I had initially thought. The complexity with this task revolves around the granularity that Citrix administrators have with XenApp. Fortunately there are only a couple of options to configure for XenDesktop.

The below powershell script adds the user administrator from the domain SAMO2 to be a full administrator. To change this to a Delegated administrator change AdminType to 2.

$mfFarm = New-object -com "MetaframeCOM.MetaFrameFarm"
$newadmin.AccountName = "Administrator"
$newadmin.AccountType = 2
$newadmin.AAName = "SAMO2"
$newadmin.AAType = 3
$newadmin.Enable = 1
$newadmin.AdminType = 3
$newadmin = $newadmin




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