Azure AD domains
So you may remember that a couple of days ago I blogged that it was only possible to have one domain associated with an Azure AD tenant.  Well this is kind of true, but not entirely.

In fact, in Azure AD you can add the same domain name to different AD tenants without any error message whatsoever.  It is only at the point where you verify the domain that it pops up with this error.

Windows programs on Chromebooks

I saw this tweet earlier today

There is a piece of software called Crossover which is currently in preview.  It will allow you to run Windows applications on Intel based Chromebooks.  I wrote a blogpost a while back which explained why I wouldn't buy a Chromebook.  This piece of software will potentially eliminate these type of concerns.

I am currently looking at purchasing a cheap laptop to replace my Asus UL20a which is pretty old now.  The laptop is fine, but the battery is fairly knackered (2 hours max).  I was looking at HP Streams, Lenovo 100s ideapads and the like, but a Chromebook could be a good option now!

You can find more information here


And Finally

Here are some Chromebooks for sale....Shall I?



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