What Have I Learnt Today? (WHILT)

When I am really busy at work, it can seem as though I haven't developed or learnt anything at all.  After a few weeks of this, you can end up feeling stale or unenthusiastic about your job.

In actual fact, even through those really busy days where you attend meetings which don't necessarily require your input, you do repetitive tasks or just don't have time to think, you still learn things.

I think it is really important to learn new skills and this set of blog posts will help me reflect on the little things I pick up on a day to day basis.
Most of the time they will be technical tidbits, but there might be the odd random fact too.

I will call these posted "What Have I Learnt Today?" or WHILT.

So what have I learnt today?

Azure AD tenants

I needed to do some research into Azure AD topologies to help with some merger work we have coming up.

I came across this great little article on the Microsoft website


The main takeaway is that you can only have one FQDN namespace (fabrikam.com) associated with a single AD tenant.  If you have a merged organisation, you can either have different AD tenants but you will need to use different UPNs or you will need to sync the AD objects to the same AD tenant.

Powershell Test-Connection

I was working somewhere with a poor wifi connection which had a really high latency.  When I realised it was rubbish, I ran a continuous ping to help notice when it occurred.

I thought it would be good to run a powershell script which would then alert me when latency went above say 200ms for more than 5 pings (or timed out).  I thought getting this information out of a ping string would be a pain in the backside.  Quick Google later and I come across Test-Connection


Fantastic, the result of this command makes the information easily accessible .  This will come in really useful for other scripts too.

And Finally

I have no idea what Tottenham Hotspur's transfer strategy is, they seem to be selling all of our players!


  1. I found 'psping' really good for testing latency on specific ports, I.e over 443 for https connections. ICMP echo requests are usually blocked and/or may not return the same speed back as over specific TCP ports. This helps to return a more accurate value.


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