Solarwinds - Error: "Network connection failed. HResult: No

During our Exchange 2010 upgrade project we noticed the monitoring on one server stopped working.

We use a product called Solarwinds, this uses a combination of Powershell, WMI and SNMP to monitor services on hardware and software from around the business.

We noticed that Solarwinds would return the following error message when polling this particular server

Network connection failed. HResult: No data to return. Error: Unable to connect to the specified computer, or the computer is offline.

After a quick search online we found the following Solarwinds KB

It recommends restarting the WMI service on the server. We completed this but the issue remained.

One of my learned colleagues kept searching and found that the Remote Regsitry service was set to Manual. He set it to Automatic and started the server.

Immediately the polling began to work!

So if you have this problem, check the Remote Registry service!


Cheers to John Manley for finding this!


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