Citrix XenApp Load 100000


Recently we upgraded Citrix User Profile Manager on our XenApp server from 3.2 to 4.1.2.  After a reboot nobody could login correctly.

I ran QFARM /LOAD and saw that the load was 10000.  Clearly this means the server is fully utilised.  The load evaluator in use reports full at either Memory 90%, CPU 90% or user load of 30.  None of these thresholds were being breached.

I changed the load evaluator in Citrix to the default (user load =100) and then people could login again, but changing the load evaluator back to the custom defined one would make the load 10000.

I logged onto the VM and tried to run performance monitor and got the following error message

This proves that the Data Collector was unable to check the memory usage on the server and therefore set the load at the maximum of 10000.

I open CMD as administrator and ran the following command on the server

lodctr /R

more information on this command can be found at the following Microsoft site

This rebuilt the counters.  Opening performance monitor would no longer show the error.  After a reboot the value for QFARM /LOAD was normal again.

It is a bit of an odd one, but useful to note!



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