Windows 2008 R2 shared files do not automatically show

We found a really annoying issue when implementing our new XenApp 6 desktop.  Users were saving files onto the desktop, but they would not appear until they pressed F5. 

The users desktop is redirected to their Home Drive share.  After more investigations we found that this problem occurred for any shared drive, even if it was to \\computername\c$ of the same computer you were on.

After searching the Internet we found no way to resolve this issue.  There is mention of changing a registry key to "DontRefresh" which had limited success with others but didn't work for us.

We found this problem did not exist on another server in our environment and then we started looking into the differences.

Eventually we found it

Remove the following registry keys


Restart explorer and try again!

These registry settings were being applied as part of a performance upgrade script.  I guess from a networking perspective it does create less network traffic but does make explorer unusable I believe.

Hopefully this fixes the problem for you!!!



  1. Sam i love you !
    This problem is haunting me for 2 days now !

    1. No problem! I hoped it would help someone!

  2. Did you delete the registry keys on the server or client?

  3. now that it's been a year since the fix, have you experienced any issues from the change?

    1. No issues at all. The fix has been in place for around 800 users concurrently every work day, so it has been tested a fair amount!

  4. I am having the same problem with XENAPP6. I do not have the registry keys on my Citrix Server.

  5. Do you think this will solve a similar issue with an external hard drive? The biggest difference is, one user sees an outdated file and the other sees the updated file she recently saved.

  6. I'm having this issue on a Win7 client (SBS2011 Server) and that client does NOT have the above referenced registry keys.

  7. The keys didn't exist for me, but I added them as DWord with a value of 0 (zero) and restarted Explorer and it worked. Thanks!

  8. ^^^^^^^^WORKS^^^^^^^^^^^
    This worked perfectly for me with a 2012 R2 Fileserver and Windows 7 clients. Created the registry keys on the clients and set them to Zero. Thanks a million!


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