Nike+ is awesome

I have been looking to start exercising again recently as I have seen my weight slightly creep up and more importantly my general fitness has been pretty poor. I had to walk up the stairs at a Tube station in London due to the escalators being broken and I was out of breathe at the top.

This was the straw that broke the camels back. For my birthday I asked my girlfriend for Nike+. It is a system which has a sensor in your shoe and this connects to either a iPod nano, iPhone, iPod touch or Nike wrist band. This collects data on distance run, time, calories burnt etc.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got this for iPod Nano but I was pleasantly surprised. I hooked up the sensor (hidden beneath the left trainer of my Nike+s) to test it and it looked great. You can get feedback on how far you have run, and current pace. Brilliant!

The best bit about this though is the community feel at the Nike+ site. When you sync your iPod it will send your results to Nike+ if you choose and this tracks your runs in a brilliant way. You can set challenges or goals which is a great motivator.

The best bit for me was the group challenges (of which there are hundreds). I joined the premiership challenge for Tottenham (Come on you Spurs) and each run you complete upon iPod syncage (if that is a word) it will update the challenge table for your team. I find this a great motivation to help your team become the best. Also if you decide not to run one evening you feel that you are letting others down which is a nice reverse psychology method to make you continue running rather than bailing out.

You can also get a heart monitor from Polar which connects in as well.

I highly recommend it, more details can be found here

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